Minister appoints Dr. Sławomir Mazurek as new PGI-NRI director

On 6 March, 2017, the Minister of Environment appointed Dr. Sławomir Mazurek as director of the Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute (PGI-NRI) to succeed acting director Prof. Andrzej Gąsiewicz. This ended a period of more than two years and 8 months (since 7 July, 2014) during which the Institute lacked a fully empowered director.


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Dr. Sławomir Mazurek, the new PGI-NRI director


Dr. Mazurek specialises in geology of mineral resources and mining. He has vast experience in operating mines. As a general director, he managed the Konin Lignite Mine and subsequently Kłodawa Salt Mine S.A., the biggest operating salt mine in Poland. Since September 2016, he held the post of director of the Department of Raw Materials Policy and Analysis at the Ministry of Environment. He is also chairman of the advisory Commission of Mineral Raw Material Resources to the Minister of Environment and deputy chairman of the Mining Council. Dr. Mazurek's earlier ties with PGI-NRI mainly entailed participation in proceedings of the Scientific Council of which he was a member in 2015-2016.

Dr. Mazurek completed his studies at the Department of Earth Sciences at Wrocław University, He continued postgraduate studies in mining geology at the Wrocław University of Technology and on the legal basis of the investment process at the Warsaw School of Economics. He received a Ph.D. in technical sciences at the Academy of Mining and Metallurgy in Cracow upon successful submission of a dissertation on the methodology of assessing economic resources of lignite, including valorisation of a raw material in a deposit. He has published over a dozen scientific papers on geology, geostatistics, open strip mining and investment in the mining sector.

Dr. Mazurek was co-author of a research project of the Committee of Scientific Research entitled “Valorisation and ranking of lignite deposits” that was completed at PGI-NRI. Results of these studies were used to compile a basic regulatory instrument for spatial planning management, the National Spatial Development Concept 2030 and as a basis for the placement of certain areas of lignite deposit distribution under special protection against overdevelopment.

Appointment of the new director was preceded by changes announced on 1 March 2017 surrounding implementation of new PGI-NRI by-laws. The Minister also dismissed Dr. Małgorzata Woźnicka from the post of deputy director in charge of the Polish Hydrogeological Survey as well as Dr. Tomasz Nałęcz from the post of deputy director in charge of geoinformation.

On the same date, the position of Dr. Edyta Majer was transformed from deputy director in charge of the Polish Geological Survey to deputy director in charge of the Geological Survey. In turn, Mr. Grzegorz Głowacki, Msc., hitherto deputy director in charge of economic affairs, was appointed to the post of deputy director in charge of administrative and economic affairs (Deputy Director, Economic and Administrative Director).

The PGI-NRI Board of Directors (see also includes Prof. Przemysław Borkowski, appointed to the post of deputy director for research and development (Deputy Director, Research and Development Director) on 1 January 2017.


Text: Andrzej Rudnicki and Wojciech Brochwicz-Lewiński

Photo: Piotr Dobrzyński

Translation: Wojciech Brochwicz-Lewiński