Scope of the Project

  • WP1 – Project management

  • WP2 – Data acquisition and analysis and development of a feasibility study

As part of the project, geological and hydrogeological archival data will be obtained and analysed and selected cases of the use of shallow geothermal energy in Poland and Norway will be identified and analysed.

A feasibility study of the use of ground-source heat pumps will also be developed for the areas covered by the Mieszkanie Plus programme. A study visit has also been planned for the purpose of intercalibration of TRT and DTRT research methodologies used by project partners.

  • WP3 – Guidelines for the development of a standard borehole database

For further data processing, a unified structure of the borehole database will be developed. The database will be installed on a specially configured terminals (laptops) and the project team will be trained in the use of the software necessary for its maintenance.

An area with the greatest low-temperature geothermal energy potential will be selected from the areas where the Mieszkanie Plus programme is being implemented and analogue data will be entered into the database for this area.

  • WP4 – Guidelines for the reclassification of borehole data

For the sample of the entered data, a reclassification (conversion) of geological parameters into geothermal parameters, i.e. thermal conductivity and heat capacity per unit, will be carried out. As a result, a GIS layer will be developed to present a point map of low-temperature geothermal energy potential.

On the basis of the conducted actions, a document will be developed including the guidelines for the methodology for converting borehole databases into geothermal parameters and the guidelines for the use of these geological data to assess the potential of geothermal energy in the framework of the government programme Mieszkanie Plus.

The organisation of the study visits during which the Partners will exchange knowledge of laboratory and field techniques, the use of special software and the use the system of ground-source heat pumps in Poland and Norway will provide a transfer of knowledge, experience, technologies and best practices.

  • WP5 – Educational and promotional actions

An integral part of the project is the promotional and educational actions aimed at widening the professional knowledge, skills and competences and establishing professional contacts between the Partners, the members of the project team, target groups and end users.

The main educational actions include:

  1. GIS software training
  2. thermogeological training,
  3. training for the target group concerning the use and development of shallow geothermal energy for heating and cooling buildings in residential areas.

Project results will be disseminated through planned actions and events:

  1. setting up a website project,
  2. presentations during seminars and conferences,
  3. preparation of a film on the training,
  4. contact with the media.