Geothermal4PL at the geothermal congress in Munich

It is the third time that the Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute has been actively involved in the German Geothermal Congress in Munich, one of the most important and largest industry events organised by our western neighbours.

During the shallow geothermal session, which was held on 13 September 2017 as part of the Geothermal4PL project, the staff of the Institute, i.e. project coordinator Maciej Kłonowski, PhD, and WP3 task leader Jacek Kocyła, PhD, gave a presentation on the process of acquiring, interpreting and reclassifying geological data for the purposes of evaluation of the potential of shallow geothermal energy and the development of geothermal maps.


Geothermal4PL coordinator Maciej Kłonowski, PhD, gives a presentation at the German Geothermal Congress in Munich


WP3 task leader Jacek Kocyła, PhD, discusses the issue of acquiring and using geological data in the development of shallow geothermal

During the congress, various aspects of the Geothermal4PL project were also presented by Eliza Dziekan-Kamińska, MSc, and Magdalena Sidorczuk, PhD, who are leaders of WP2 and WP5 tasks, respectively, and co-authors of the main paper. The presentation sparked great interest among participants and triggered a substantive discussion.

The 2017 German Geothermal Congress was devoted to subjects related to various geothermal types, such as medium- and high-temperature hydrogeothermal energy, hot rock energy, shallow geothermal, heating and air conditioning of buildings, deep drilling, drilling techniques, exploration and exploitation of geothermal waters, geophysical methods, geothermal potential and management of geothermal resources.

The partners of this year’s congress were Austria and the region of Central America. The congress included lecture sessions and workshops devoted to regional geothermal energy, including in the Alpine region and South German molasse, and the potential and possibility of development of geothermal energy in Central America.

A poster session was held at the Congress, during which 25 posters were presented. The PIG-PIB representatives took part in lectures devoted to EU-funded projects in which the Institute is a partner, i.e. GeoPLASMA-CE, implemented under the Interreg Central Europe Programme 2014-2020 and GMEX, implemented under the Horizon 2020 Programme.

The purpose of the participation of the employees of the Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute in the previous congress editions was to present the achievements of the Institute in the field of geothermal, including the participation in international projects, such as TransGeoTherm and GeoPLASMA-CE.


The delegation of the Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute at the German Geothermal Congress in Munich. From the left: Magdalena Sidorczuk – WP5 task leader, Jacek Kocyła – WP3 task leader, Eliza Dziekan-Kamińska – WP2 task leader, Maciej Kłonowski – Geothermal4PL project coordinator