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Viewing hydrogeological spatial data is possible using several methods:

PHS data processing system (SPD PSH)

SPD PSH enables the searching and viewing of data from the Central Hydrogeological Databank (CBDH, i.e. BankHYDRO), the INTAKE database and the Groundwater Monitoring database (MWP). A special Internet application has been created for sharing basic information, and is available at:

Broader access to the selected databases (CBDH, MWP, INTAKE) is possible by submitting the correct application. Further information is available in the 'How to order information?' section.

Using the service: link

Supported browsers: Firefox (3.5+), Chrome (10+), IE (7+), Safari (5+)

e-PSH map browser

The map browser (e-PSH) enables the viewing of spatial data concerning hydrogeological databases based on Web services compliant with the INSPIRE Directive, and is available at:

Adding information layers on the webpage:

  • - start e-PSH,
  • - select the 'Zdefiniuj źródło danych' (Define data source) icon on the top menu bar,
  • - select the data sources from the list of WMS services, and then confirm by pressing 'Rejestruj' (Register),
  • - select the 'Wyświetl klasy i zapytania' (View classes and queries) icon, and then select class or query to view,
  • - the information is shown in the key and main map window after confirmation by pressing 'Wyświetl' (View).

GEOPORTAL.GOV.PL provides geospatial information in the form of redirection or links to external data (any pages with spatial data recorded in the system) and also enables operation as a data access point pointing to the data source (i.e. “one stop”).

Adding information layers on the webpage:

  • - Start map browser at — 'Mapy' (Maps) icon on the right hand side of the page.
  • - Select the 'Zdefiniuj źródło danych' (Define data source) (Geoportal) or 'Dodaj WMS/WMTS' (Add WMS/WMTS) (Geoportal 2) icon on the top menu bar.
  • - Enter the URL of the data source in the correct field and then confirm by pressing 'Rejestruj' (Register) (Geoportal) or 'Połącz' (Connect) and 'Dodaj' (Add) (Geoportal 2).
  • - The data are automatically added to the key and are shown in the map's main window.
  • NOTE: From WMS version 1.3.0 up, only Geoportal 2 is viewed correctly.