Maps of Areas at High Risk of Flooding

The 1:50 000 scale maps of areas in danger of being flooded in the country’s water areas were prepared in 4 stages between 2003 and 2006 in the Polish Geological Institute as one of the tasks of PHS in relation to warning of dangerous phenomena that threaten the safety of groundwater recharge and withdrawal zones. The designated areas are not the zones of surface water overflow (flood), but show the maximum possible range of overflow presence (i.e. the position of the groundwater table close to the land level, that results in wetness) in the region and vicinity of a river valley.

The document has been prepared in digital form in GIS. The complete set of data has been prepared in the PUWG 1992 coordinate system.

The areas in danger of being flooded assigned during the task are presented on 607 map spreadsheets in 1:50 000 scale.

An integrated layer of results of the areas in danger of being flooded is available in a WMS (INSPIRE) service form and a GIF file on the PHS website.



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