Intake Database

The INTAKE DATABASE is used to collect, process and then develop as GIS data, on an annual basis, information on the registered consumption of groundwater from the intakes throughout the country, i.e. consumption as part of special use of groundwater and requiring a water-legal permit (Articles 31, 36, 37 and 122 of the Water Law Act).
Introduction to the Database results from the implementation of the standard procedure by the national hydrogeological services is based on the Regulation of the Minister of Environment of 6 November 2008: “the procedure for developing the list of annual total and average daily consumption from the groundwater intakes requiring a water-legal permit” (section 4.7, appendix 2 of the Regulation).
All data are updated each year, based on information from the entities regarding the use of the environment (including groundwater consumption), made available annually to PIG-PIB/PSH by the marshal offices. Thus, the main information processed in the Database is secondary data received from the marshal offices on the consumption from water intakes submitted to the offices by those water intake users obliged to do so by law. The data is then processed and made available by PIG-PIB/PSH as spatial data identified on the basis of reference data regarding groundwater intakes gathered at the Central Hydrogeological Data Bank (CBDH) – information on consumption received from the users is attached to the numbers and locations of the representative facilities of the CBDH water intakes, in accordance with the business logic of the term “water intake”, as used by CBDH.

Data range in the INTAKE DATABASE

The scope of information in the Database includes, primarily, the secondary data acquired directly from the marshal offices, i.e.:

  • value of the annual total consumption of groundwater from the groundwater intake,
  • metadata regarding the water-legal permit (number and validity dates) based on which the user has consumed groundwater,
  • basic information on the entity which submitted the information on groundwater consumption to the marshal office (as a user or intake user),
  • basic information on the name and address of the groundwater intake with regard to which the consumption was reported.

The scope of information in the Database also covers the data developed directly by PIG-PIB/PSH concerning all information regarding consumption of groundwater from the intakes received from the marshal offices, i.e.:

  • identifier of the CBDH groundwater intake referred to in the consumption information,
  • unique identifier (UJ_IDENT) of the information regarding groundwater consumption issued by the INTAKE DATABASE ,
  • XY location (1992 PUWG) of the information on groundwater consumption; defined automatically based on the location of one of the (representative) water intake facilities in the CBDH which is referred to in this information or, if there is no CBDH identifier, defined based on the available address details of the groundwater intake,
  • value of the average daily consumption from the groundwater intakes calculated automatically on the basis of the value of annual consumption according to the information submitted by the marshal offices.

In addition, the Database contains archival data (consumption from 2000-2005) developed on one occasion based on the field works performed in 2006-2007.   

Update frequency

In the INTAKE DATABASE, the data is developed on an annual basis – the available data on water intake date from 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011,..., and 2014. The process of developing data involves an annual time delay depending on the flow of data from the entities to the marshal offices.

Method of accessing data

The INTAKE DATABASE is a GIS database managed using ESRI technology (format SHP and DBF).

Editable data (SHP, DBF) from the years 2008-2014 may be obtained free of charge after submitting an application to access the data for scientific purposes and for projects commissioned by the State Treasury, or against a payment (secondary use of data) for commercial purposes.

The INTAKE DATABASE database is also being deployed as an on-line application as part of the Data Processing System of PSH (DPS of PSH). At the current deployment stage, the on-line version of the INTAKE DATABASE database offers only attribute-based searching and browsing of the map website for groundwater consumption data availability –