Well logging techniques use various geophysical methods to determine physical parameters of rocks by means of  instruments lowered into the borehole. Well log curves can be used to e.g. assess the technical condition of wells or to correlate between wells.




The GEOFLOG database provides access to the following information, e.g.:

  • Digitized well logs in LAS and binary formats
  • Conditions under which well logging is taken (types of measuring probes and drilling muds, drilling mud parameters)
  • Borehole construction and borehole condition
  • Drill core and cuttings description according to designed original solutions adapted to the nature of both geophysical and geological information
  • Stratigraphy and results of petrophysical, petrographical and chemical investigations and formation tests

Geophysical interpretation software of the GEOGLOG system enables e.g.:

  • Unification of the gamma ray log based on the stratigraphic statistical standardization method
  • Creation of many combinations / many combinations composition of different kinds of unified well logs (composite logs)
  • Calibration of well logs based on results of laboratory investigations with the use of linear and non-linear estimation methods
  • Making cross-plots integrating geological and geophysical data, and the application of advanced geostatistical methods, including the principal components methods
  • Making calculations of total porosity
  • Construction of synthetic bulk density logs and acoustic wave velocity logs by both developing the volume models and using the principal components methods
  • Integration of well data with seismic measurements of average sesimic velocities
  • Analysis of geothermal data

In terms of geological interpretation, the GEOFLOG system enables e.g.:

  • Reconstruction of lithologic and stratigraphic sections based on geological and geophysical data
  • Lithofacies-stratigraphic correlation on local and regional scales


The GEOFLOG system

  • ProGeo5.0 software

ProGeo 5.0 computer program provides a useful modulus to visualize results of well logs interpretation and enables special intepretation procedures that allow taking account of specific circumstances of non-standardized analog measurements carried out in the past with the use of Soviet-made instruments. This program also provides insights gained from newer tools made in the USA





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