Seismic methods use correlation that exists between the velocity of seismic wave propagation and elastic properties of the rock medium. Knowing the velocity and time we can determine physical properties of rocks. Seismic methods enable determination of the subsurface geological structure over a large area


Interpretation of seismic data in selected areas and within rock complexes selected for analysis to examine the geological structure – construction of seismic maps

  • 2D and 3D analysis and interpretation of seismic data
  • Facies and sequence analysis of seismic data
  • Well and seismic data correlation (lithology and stratigraphy of drilled rock formations) through/by the construction and advanced analysis of synthetic seismograms
  • Complex stratigraphic-tectonic interpretation of seismic data acquired by petroleum companies, and of shallow high-resolution reflection seismics for the needs of hydrogeology, engineering geology and examination of sedimentary rocks in the Baltic Sea area
  • 2D seismic modelling by the ray tracing method, used for planning field seismic surveys and verifying geological interpretations. Seismic modelling supported by interpretation of seismic data is used in exploration of subsurface structures of the Earth’s crust and upper mantle
  • Analysis of fault-seal and fault-related processes
  • Cross-section balancing and structural analysis


LANDMARK software for seismic data interpretation:

  • SeisWorks 2D – for interpretation of seismic profiles
  • GeoGraphix – for 2D and 3D interpretation of seismic data
  • TDQ – for depth conversion of seismic profiles
  • SynTool – for reconstruction and analysis of synthetic seismograms
  • Zmap+ – for construction and analysis of seismic maps
  • GXTechnology GX software for 2D seismic modelling
  • 2D move – for geological cross-section balancing and structural analysis
  • TrapTester – for fault-seal analysis





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