Resistivity measurements are carried out at the Geotechnologies Program. Electrical Resistivity Tomography (resistivity imaging) is basically a combination of two classical methods of resistivity profiling and resistivity sounding. The electrodes are evenly distributed along the profile in the resistivity tomography method.

The equipment utilizes a programmed algorithm to select the appropriate electrodes, and it measures equivalent series of profilings or soundings (with reference points shifting along the profile). Compared with conventional resistivity methods, such measurements are characterized by 10-fold greater efficiency.

The result of measurements is a two-dimensional resistivity cross-section. For comparison, resistivity sounding that uses a plane-parallel model, provide point information. Resistivity profiling, in turn, give information in a qualitative way, without depth data.



LUND Imaging System from ABEM Instrument AB, Hamngatan 27, S-172 66 Sundbyberg, Sweden. The system includes:

  • ABEM Terrameter SAS 1000
  • Electrode Selector ES10-64eC
  • Multi-purpose cable set wyprowadzeniami co 10 metrów
  • High-quality steel elektrodes
  • Fittings for connecting electrodes and cables


  • ABEM Terrameter SAS1000/SAS4000 UTILITY SOFTWARE
  • RES2DINV computer program from Geotomo Software company




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