altPolish Geological Institute conducts studies of the deep geological structure of Poland, e.g. to determine the possibility of prospective areas for hydrocarbon exploration. An important element of the petroleum potential analysis in various areas of Poland research is source rocks evaluation studies, including:

  • Organic matter analysis
  • Petroleum system modelling



  • Organic matter analysis
  • Petrographic analysis in white reflected light and fluorescence
  • Microscopic analysis allowing identification of the genetic type of organic matter of potential source rocks, as well as determination of its thermal maturity and hydrocarbon generation phases. The following basic parameters are considered:
  • Vitrinite Reflectance Index (%R0)
  • Conodont Alteration Index (CAI)
  • Spore Colouration Index (SCI)
  • Geochemical analysis, using gas and mass chromatography, are performed in order to determine:
    • genetic type of primary organic matter and physicochemical conditions of its deposition and diagenesis
    • correlations in the source rock-oil and oil-oil systems


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  • Axio Imager microscope with Infinity Colour Corrected System (ICS) from Carl Zeiss
  • Optical system for transmitted and reflected light
  • HBO 100 illuminating system (for fluorescence microscopy)
  • Microphotometer set (CCD SPECTRAL VISION Spectrometer) with a photometric system and PMT 200 software from J&M GmbH to measure reflectance ability of e.g. organic matter





dr hab. Grzegorz J. Nowak, prof. nadzw. PIG-PIB
Energy Security Program - Lower Silesian Branch in Wrocław
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