Recruitment to the GeoPlanet Doctoral School is a two-stage competition open for international applicants.

Applicants are expected to have an aptitude for research and a good command of both written and spoken English. The candidate applying to the GeoPlanet Doctoral School needs to hold a master's degree, a master's degree in engineering or an equivalent degree.

The candidate should select a research topic and contact with a potential supervisor prior to sending the application (Supervisors and PhD topics).

Stage 1 - evaluation of the provided documents

In the first stage the recruitment commission makes the assessment of the documents submitted by candidates as described in Article 2 of  pdf Recruitment rules (123 KB) and the letter of recommendation.

The recruitment commission makes an initial ranking of candidates by assessing the submitted applications, taking into consideration:

  • the candidate’s scientific achievement (0-5 points) based on the grades obtained during studies, the scientific publications, patent applications, awards and distinctions resulting from conducting scientific research or the student activity, scholarships,
  • scientific experience and professional experience of the candidate (0-3 points) based on the participation in conferences, workshops, trainings and internships, participation in research projects and commercial projects, involvement in scientific associations and scientific clubs and student research groups,
  • motivation and aptitude to undertake research work (0-2 points) based on the candidate’s letter of motivation and the opinion provided in the letter of recommendation.

The recruitment commission establishes the minimum number of points qualifying to the second stage of the recruitment on the basis if the initial ranking of candidates. The number of points that qualify to the second stage cannot be lower than 5.

Stage 2 - an interview evaluated by the recruitment committee

In the second stage the recruitment commission conducts recruitment interviews which can be held in English.

During the recruitment interview the recruitment commission evaluates:

  • the candidate’s knowledge at the master’s level, with regard to the discipline in which the candidate wants to undertake education (0-3 points),
  • the candidate’s presentation covering the results of the research conducted so far The form of the presentation (e.g. discussion, short presentation) identical for all candidates shall be decided by the commission, in the invitation to take part in the recruitment interview (0-3 points),
  • motivation and aptitude for research work within the framework of the selected subject-matter of the doctoral dissertation (0-4 points).

By way of the decision of the commission or upon the request of the candidate the recruitment interview can be held via the means of remote communications. The recruitment interview can be organized with the use of the speech synthesizer (text-tospeech) or in the presence of the assistant of the person with disability, in the case of candidates holding a disability certificate that justifies such a necessity.

The final ranking list of the candidates is created on the basis of the total of points obtained in the first and second stage. The persons who received in total not more than 10 points cannot be enrolled in the Doctoral School. In the case when none of the candidates received in total more than 10 points, the deadline to receive applications can be extended.

The decisions on the enrollment in the Doctoral School are taken by the director of the Institute on the basis of the final ranking list and the recommendation of the recruitment commission and the financial possibilities of the Institute.

The results of the recruitment procedure are open and announced on the website of the institute that carries out the recruitment or in its Public Information Bulletin.

The recruitment rules are presented in details in pdf Recruitment rules (123 KB) .