AEGOS (2008-2011)
African-European Georesources Observation System


ALARM (2001-2004)
Assessment of Landslide Risk and Mitigation in Mountain Areas


ASTRA (2005-2007)
Developing Policies & Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change in the Baltic Sea Region



CAML (2008-2010)
Census of Antarctic Marine Life


CGS Europe (2010-2013)
Pan-European coordination action on CO2 geological storage


CONTINENT (2003-2004)
High-resolution continental paleoclimate record in Lake Baikal

Cost Action 638 - Marine Aggregate Network (2006-2010)
Investigating and managing the impacts of marine sand and gravel extraction and use


Cost Action TD0902 SPLASHCOS (2009-2013)
Submerged Prehistoric Archaeology and Landscapes of the Continental Shelf


COSTAction ES0907 INTIMATE  (2012-2014)
Integrating ice core, marine, and terrestrial records


DORIS (2010-2013)
Ground Deformation Risk Scenarios: An Advanced Assessment Service

Expedition 347 – Baltic Sea Paleoenvironment (2012-2013)


e-EARTH (2004-2005)
Electronic Access to the Earth Through Boreholes

EGDI-Scope (2012-2014)

Scoping study a pan – European Geological Data Infrastructure


EMODNET (2009-2012)
European Marine Observation and Data Network. Preparatory Actions for European Marine Observation and Data Network

ENCORA (2006-2007)
European platform for sharing knowledge and experience in coastal science, policy and practice


ENGINE (2006-2008)
Enhanced Geothermal Innovative Network for Europe


EuroGeoSource (2010-2013)
EU Information and Policy Support System for Sustainable Supply of Europe with Energy and Mineral Resources


EUROSEISMIC - NAS (2002-2004)
European Marine Seismic Metadata and Information Centre

GAJA (2006-2008)
Elaboration of geoenvironmental assumptions for the Yotvings geopark in cross-border Polish-Lithuanian area


GEIXS (1998)
European Geological Data Resource


GEMAS (2008-2009)
Geochemical mapping of Agricultural and Grazing Land Soil of Europe
Zdjęcia geochemiczne gleb użytkowanych rolniczo i pastwisk w Europie

Geochemical Atlas of Europe

GEOMIND (2006-2008)
Geophysical Multilingual Internet-Driven Information Service

Geo-Seas (2009-2012)
Pan-European infrastructure for management of marine and ocean geological and geophysical data

Geostrada sudecka (2010-2013)
Geostrada sudecka, przewodnik geologiczno-turystyczny


INCORE - NAS (2002-2003)
Integrated Concept for Groundwater Remediation

MACHU (2008-2009)
Managing Cultural Heritage Underwater

MAGIC (2005-2008)
Management of Groundwater in Industrially Contaminated Areas

MELA (2004-2008)
Morphotectonic Map of the European Lowland Area

Minventory - EuroMin (2013-2014)

Study on Structured Statistical Information on the Quality and Quantity of the EU Raw Materials Deposits


NATO PROGRAMME (2006-2012)
Sustainable Use and Protection of Groundwater Resources - Transboundary Water Management - Belarus, Poland, Ukraine


NATO PROGRAMME: Security through science
Project: Strategic understanding of the security threats imposed by global climate change


NATURA 2000 Ecosystem
NATURA 2000 Ecosystem approach to marine spatial planning – Polish marine areas and the Natura 2000 network

Making Geological Map Data for the Earth Accessible

PanGeo (2011-2014)
Enabling access to geological information in support of GMES


PROMOTE (2005-2008)
Verifying the performance of Environmental Technologies (ETV)

REA (2006-2008)
CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE: Research on Abiotic Environment

SEAREG (2001-2004)
Sea Level Change Affecting the Spatial Development in the Baltic Sea Region

SINCOS (2003-2009)
Sinking Coasts – Geosphere, Ecosphere and Antroposphere of the Holocene Southern Baltic Sea

Petroleum Geological Atlas of the Southern Permian Basin Area

SUBCOAST (2010-2013)
Developing a GMES-service for monitoring and forecasting subsidence hazards in coastal areas around Europe


Topo-Europe i Thermo-Europe (2009-212)
Mechanizm wypiętrzania i erozji w Karpatach i zapadlisku przedkarpackim - projekt programu naukowego EUROCORES Europejskiej Fundacji Nauki (ESF), TOPO-EUROPE i Thermo-Europe


TransGeoTherm (2012-2014)
Geothermale Energie für die grenzüberschreitende Entwicklung in der Neisse-Region