Mineral resources

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The website Mineral resources of Poland contains the most important information on the resources of mineral raw materials deposits in Poland, the state of their development and the output. All the calculations and works were done in the Economic Geology Department of PGI-NRI on the basis of the System of management and protection of mineral resources in Poland MIDAS and on the basis of publication (in Polish) "The balance of mineral resources deposits in Poland as of 31 XII 2023".

There are data on 14,918 Polish mineral raw materials deposits presented in form of chapters within four raw materials groups. These groups are selected on the basis of the raw material usability as a mineral commodity. The data within the groups are presented according to the administrative or – for hard coal, crude oil and natural gas – regional configuration. There is also a set of maps presenting occurrence of mineral raw materials deposits.

Spatial data presented on MIDAS website relating to: mineral deposits, mining area and mining country are available as a SHP files – Download data

Website editors: Anna Kalinowska, Agnieszka Malon, Marcin Tymiński