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The Polish Geological Institute (PGI) was founded on the 7th of May 1919 on the strength of the Resolution of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland. It is the oldest Polish nation-wide scientific institution. It is involved in comprehensive studies of geological structure of the country for practical use in national economy and environmental protection. In addition to scientific activities in all fields of modern geology the Institute was entrusted with the tasks of the Polish Geological Survey and the Polish Hydrogeological Survey. Moreover, it is responsible for the country’s security in supply of mineral resources, the groundwater management,  for monitoring of the geological environment and warning against natural hazards and risks.

In February 2009, the Council of Ministers bestowed the Polish Geological Institute the status of National Research Institute in recognition of the achievements and contribution to the developments in science and national economy during last 100 years. 

Legal Status: Research and Development Unit, National Research Institute
Supervising Institution: Ministry of Climate and Environment


The Polish Geological Institute belongs to the association of European geological surveys – EuroGeoSurvey  (EGS) with its seat in Brussels.


  • Comprehensive studies of the geological structure of Poland
  • Geological, geoenvironmental and hydrogeological mapping
  • Evaluation of national minerals resources potential
  • Evaluation of quality and resources of groundwaters including mineral and thermal waters
  • Monitoring and analysis of wide spectrum of geological issues of the natural environment, including groundwaters
  • Acquisition, storage, processing and dissemination of geological and geoenvironmental information on the entire territory of Poland, including the marine sea
  • Expertise on a wide array of geological issues for the state administration and self governments
  • Cooperation with geological surveys and organizations involved in geological research in other countries
  • Editing and publishing maps, atlases, periodicals and series of publications in geology


The following organizational units of the Institute are directly subordinated to the Director of the Institute:

  1. Legal Department
  2. Security Department
  3. Human Resources Department
  4. Occupational Health and Safety Team
  5. Internal Audit Team
  6. Quality Assurance Officer
  7. Institute Archives
  8. Promotions and Communications Department
  9. Classified Information Protection Team
  10. Data Protection Supervisor
  11. Director's Representative for the National Hydrogeological Survey
  12. Independent Geological Laboratory of the Lublin Region

The following organizational units are subordinate to the Deputy Director for Geological Survey:

  1. Geological Survey Task Coordination Department
  2. Economic Geology Department
  3. Geological Cartography Department
  4. Geohazards Center Groundwater Identification and Protection Department
  5. Groundwater Monitoring Department Dedicated
  6. IT Systems Maintenance and Development Department
  7. National Geological Archives

The following organizational units are subordinate to the Deputy Director for Research and Development:

  1. Science Secretary
  2. Research Planning and Billing Department
  3. Environmental Geology Department
  4. Regional Geology Department
  5. Engineering Geology Department
  6. Publishing Department
  7. International Cooperation Team
  8. Geological Museum
  9. Geological Library
  10. Chemical Laboratory
  11. Microanalysis Laboratory

The following organizational units are subordinated to the Deputy Director for Administration and Economics:

  1. Finance and Accounting Department
  2. Controlling Team Administration Department
  3. IT Department
  4. Public Procurement Office