Interdepartmental National Resource Policy Team established

Prime Minister of Poland appointed the Interdepartmental Team for National Resource Policy headed by Chief Geologist of Poland Professor Mariusz Orion Jędrysek.

With her Resolution No. 61 of 17 May 2016 Prime Minister appointed the Interdepartmental Team for National Resource Policy. This Team, advisory to the Council of Ministers, is headed by Government Plenipotentiary for National Resource Policy Professor Mariusz Orion Jędrysek, Deputy Minister of the Environment and Chief Geologist of Poland.

The objectives of the Team are to:

  • develop draft national resource policy,
  • provide tools for the delivery of national resource policy.

The Team shall achieve these objectives by delivering the following tasks:

  • to review national resource policy issues, including an assessment of the domestic resource potential, ability to gain access to the resources, resource security, protection of geologic resources, combatting illegal exploitation and smuggling of resources and minerals,
  • a review of powers held by specific public administration agencies with regard to drafting and delivery of an efficient national resource policy,
  • to assess existing Polish and international approaches to national resource policy making.
  • to prepare a schedule for the achievement of short-, medium- and long-term goals, including designation of institutions that would be responsible for delivery of specific tasks and to coordinate delivery of these tasks,
  • to ensure compliance of energy policy and other strategic documents with national resource policy,
  • to prepare proposals for new legislative acts and to coordinate the process of drafting new legislation and other government documents related to national resource policy making,
  • to work out concepts of economic solutions for national resource policy making and delivery, including those intended to minimize investment risk and forming a system of compensations in the process of geological concession granting,
  • to initiate activities that are intended to intensify the International Sea Bottom Organization  efforts geared at extraction of geological resources from the sea bottom,
  • to initiate bi- and multi-partite cooperation in the area of national resource policy,
  • to propose directions and methods of collaboration with scientific research centres and Polish Geological Survey.

Team members are the representatives of all ministries and Prime Minister Chancellery in the rank of undersecretary of state or higher. They are not remunerated for contributions to the Team efforts.