Rock salt - export and import

Rock salt producers compete heavily on the global and European markets, as the production of that commodity is much higher than the demand.

Poland has traditionally exported rock salt to European markets with the Czech Republic, Germany and Slovakia as major importer countries (accounting for 88% of the total exports in 2013). Other importer countries are Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Romania, Sweden, Hungary and other countries.

Poland started to import the salt as late as 1991. Initially, only small volumes of salt were imported mainly from Belarus, but the scale of import has been increasing each year. Today, rock salt from mostly East European countries, but also from Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Egypt and other counties, is marketed in Poland.

In 2006 Poland became a net rock salt importer country, for the first time in its post-war history. Since 2010, imports have been each year higher than salt exports.

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