The Chemical Laboratory (LCh) of the Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute (PGI-NRI) provides high quality analytical expertise and specialist services for the measurements and chemical interpretation of inorganic and organic data for the PGI projects, and for commercial and public sector clients around the world.


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Every year LCh performs over 200 000 determinations in more than 21 000 samples of soils, sediments, plant materials and waters.

The Chemical Laboratory has been accredited to PN/EN ISO/IEC 17025 by the Polish Centre for Accreditation. Since 2000 the Laboratory posses the certificate (no. AB 283) in the field of chemical analysis as well as the analysis of physical properties of water, soils, sediments, environmental and geological samples, plant materials (identification codes of the accreditation scope/ analyzed objects C/1; C/3; C/31; C/32; N/31; N/32). At present the Laboratory staff is performing analyzes according to 33 accredited analytical procedures.

LCh has implemented the Quality Management System (QMS) according to PN/EN ISO/IEC 17025. Confidence in the quality of our data is demonstrated by analysis of the reference materials (RMs), participation in the interlaboratory comparisons and the proficiency testing schemes, such as Aquacheck (waters), International Soil Exchange (soils) and GeoPT (silicate rocks) and analysis of the same samples by applying different analytical methods.

About 400 diverse reference materials (geological, environmental and food samples, water), with the assigned values of elements and chemical compounds as well, are used at the LCh as the quality control samples. Correctness of operation of the quality system is confirmed by series of the internal audits, the external audits executed by the auditors of the Polish Centre for Accreditation and also by the clients of the LCh.


Director of the Chemical Laboratory
mgr inż. Aleksandra Sztuczyńska
tel. 22 45 92 253
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Magdalena Lenarczuk, MSc
tel. +48 22 45 92 261
fax +48 22 45 92 026
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