Terms of use

Popularization of information regarding geology of Poland, its mineral natural resources, condition of the natural environment, as well as dissemination of research results in the field of geology are among major statutory tasks of the Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute.

Acting in a framework of the institution, that serves as the national geological and hydrogeological survey, the Institute treats very seriously its obligations to the society and the State. Therefore, we do our best to provide our knowledge and experience as broadly as possible.

All materials provided on this website may be freely used for personal research and for further dissemination using classic and electronic media.

However, we require the acknowledgement of the Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute, names of authors of texts, photographs and graphics in every case our materials are used.

Moreover, we appreciate information where and when our materials were used.

This permission does not, in any case, limit copyrights of the authors of particular publications, photographs, and graphics, according to appropriate legal regulations.

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