GeoLOG provides maps on your phone

Friday, 07 August 2015 12:29

geolog apl

Huge resources of geological data, maps and information about the results of research of Polish Geological Institute, are at your fingertips. Completely free, without any login and password! Just pick up the phone or tablet and take advantage of the new application GeoLOG.

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Assessment of Poland's mineral resources as of 31 December 2014

Wednesday, 17 June 2015 10:02

bilans zasobow 2014 minPolish Geological Institute published the Assessment of Poland's mineral resources as of 31 December 2014, a summary of Poland's mineral deposits. As of end 2014 there were 13 410 proven mineral deposits across Poland. The latest issue of the “Assessment...” is available on-line.

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International Petroleum Fair in Denver

Tuesday, 02 June 2015 12:25

pawilon 2More than 300 exhibitors (including the Polish Geological Institute) appeared at the annual conference and exhibition of the Amercian Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) in Denver (U.S.A.).

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2015 Edition of the "Our Earth" Polish-Lithuanian school student contest

Tuesday, 02 June 2015 09:42

finalisci 490

Grand final of 2015 edition of the contest took place on 28 May 2015 in Warsaw. The awards included three certificates of the Jagiellonian University allowing winners to be accepted without entrance examinations.

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