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Ukrainian mission of the EuroGeoSurveys

Wednesday, 06 May 2015 07:43

logo egsOn 26th of April 2015, a EuroGeoSurveys fact-finding mission arrived in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, to review and identify possibilities to strengthen capabilities and increase role of SGSSU in rebuilding country's economy. The PGI-NRI is represented in that mission by dr Tomasz Nałęcz.

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Report on tight gas resources

Thursday, 19 March 2015 13:19

Rdzenie piaskowce i upki 2Unconventional hydrocarbons are more than just shale oil and gas. Tight gas that occurs in poorly permeable compact sandstones is another prospective resource in Poland. On 17 March 2015 the Polish Geological Survey presented a report on tight gas resources.

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First meeting of European Science and Technology Network on Unconventional Hydrocarbon Extraction Working Group

Monday, 02 March 2015 13:15

european commission

The purpose of the Group is to provide the European Union with as wide as possible current knowledge base on unconventional oil and gas production in Europe.

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Prestigious EU appointment for Professor Grzegorz Pieńkowski of PGI-NRI

Monday, 29 December 2014 11:09


Professor Grzegorz Pieńkowski of Polish Geological Institute – NGI has been appointed Chairman of the advisory European Science and Technology Network on Unconventional Hydrocarbon Extraction, as established by the European Commission.

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