There are more than 100 rock salt producer countries. In 2013, the global supply of salt was in the order of 282 million tonnes. Salt production peaked in the years 2008 to 2011 with a record output of 286 million tonnes.

Asia has been the leading continent since 2005 with a 39% share held in the global production in 2013. Europe’s share is 25% and that of North/Central America 23%. South America, Australia and Oceania and Africa hold a few percent each.

China was the largest producer country in 2013 (64.6 million tonnes). Other major producers were: the United States (40.3 million tonnes), India (23.7 million tonnes), Germany (17.4 million tonnes), Australia (12.2 million tonnes), Canada (12.2 million tonnes) and Mexico (10.3 million tonnes). In total, these countries held a share of 64% of the total global supply. Poland ranked 16th with its supply in the order of 4.2 million tonnes.

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