geolog zaj enThe application GeoLOG of the Central Geological Database Geologist runs since 2015. During this time it was systematically expanded with new data resources and subjected to minor, necessary modifications. Currently, a new version of this app is in use.




geolog telefon01bAppearance has changed a little, mostly reorganizing the menu, but the engine of the application has been rebuilt completely. Modernization was necessary due to changes in application development standards and to the increasing security requirements of modern web browsers. For this reason, the web address of the GeoLOG had to change. Now it will only be available through a secure, encrypted connection:




geolog google play

By increasing the efficiency and the new capabilities, GeoLOG in the latest version, it further simplifies data access. During modernization some of the rather difficult to use, and therefore rarely used, functionality and replaced with simpler and probably more useful, such as text search from the list of all 73 maps.

geolog mapy szukanie

Configuration of the most important part of the application, ie the map window is divided into four tabs:

  • Map sets - thematic blocks with easy-to-access handheld map information.

  • Maps - selection of map services to display. The search box at the top helps you find the right layer. Here you can also change the order of layers. To do this, press and hold the layer for a moment and then move it to the desired position.

  • Layers - enable or disable visibility of layers within map services and customize their transparency.

  • Base maps - choose a base map of 8 different compositions

All data available in the application comes from the Central Geological Database (CBDG) servers. GeoLOG now presents 13 geological data thematic groups:

  1. Boreholes, research sites

  2. Superficial deposit maps

  3. Bedrock maps

  4. Engineering geology

  5. Hydrogeology

  6. Geophysics

  7. Baltic geology

  8. Mineral resources

  9. Geochemistry

  10. Geothermy

  11. Geohazards, anthropopressure

  12. Geodiversity

  13. Historical Maps

Each of these groups even includes several maps that often have multiple layers. They are generated from 73 REST services that publish the CBDG spatial data server. Many of these services are also available as WMS and WFS for use in any other way. Including primer layers, the application contains over 200 layers of information. Including geographic layers, the application contains over 200 layers of information.

GeoLOG can be downloaded free of charge to mobile devices:

geolog ico google play  geolog ico app store