bilans zajenThe latest edition of “The balance of mineral resources deposits in Poland” (in Polish) is available online. In the publication Polish Geological Institute-National Research Institute (PGI-NRI) presented data on almost 14 thousand mineral raw materials deposits documented in Poland as of 31.12.2017.

The latest edition of “The balance…” contains information on 13,848 domestic mineral raw materials deposits. Similarly to the previous editions, the data were grouped taking into account the raw material type and its intended use and presented in the form of tables accompanied by the short textual information. To respond to the recipients expectations, starting of the last year’s edition, in case of the deposits which are covered by the mining ownership (state ownership) the information on resources is presented by splitting them across particular resources categories (A+B, C1, C2, D). Moreover, there was the detailed information on documented anticipated sub-economic resources given.


PGI-NRI composed “The balance…” independently, as a task of the state geological survey. According to the regulations of the Geological and Mining Law adopted on 9th June 2011 (Official Journal of 2017, item 2126, later reapproved) the publication was issued in June.

On the website Mineral Resources of Poland » where “The balance…” is presented, there are also the additional information on particular mineral raw materials groups and the vector data updated on a regular basis available. Such data allow to visualize the spatial information on documented deposits, mining areas and mining damage zones.

“The balance of mineral resources deposits in Poland” have been issued for over 60 years, while PGI-NRI has been the editor since 1986.

Agnieszka Wójcik, Ph.D.
Deputy Director
Director of the Polish Geological Survey

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The printed version of The balance of mineral resources deposits in Poland as of 31.12.2017 is planned for July 2018.