grafika ilustracyjnaAs part of the project titled the “Support for activities of the Chief Geologist of the Country in the field of the State Raw Materials Policy”, updates of informational and educational brochures on selected mineral raw materials were prepared.

The aim of the project was to provide current, systematic and comprehensive information to the public on the implementation of work, which is of fundamental importance to the national economy. It was carried out by the Polish Geological Survey, which resulted in information on the country's raw material status and mineral deposits, especially those affecting the energy security of Poland.

The collected information, available to everyone through the Internet resources of the Polish Geological Institute - NRI, is used for the popularization of geological knowledge among the population.

Updates of 9 brochures, each in two language versions (Polish and English), were prepared as part of the "Polish Geological Survey on mineral resources of Poland" series. We invite you to read them!

okladka bursztyn  

pdf Amber (3.94 MB)

okladka cynk olow

pdf Zinc and lead (4.53 MB)

okladka kruszywa

  pdf Natural mineral aggregates (3.65 MB)

okladka miedz srebro

pdf Copper and silver (4.37 MB)

okladka ropa gaz

pdf Crude oil and natural gas (3.96 MB)

okladka sol kamienna

pdf Rock salt (3.34 MB)

okladka sole potasowe

pdf Potassium - magnesium salts (4.08 MB)

okladka wegiel brunatny

pdf Lignite (3.48 MB)

okladka wegiel kamienny

pdf Hard coal (4.72 MB)