grafika ilustracyjnaThe Central Communication Port (pol. Centralny Port Komunikacyjny – CPK) has submitted guidelines for investigating the subsoil on which the structures and railroad infrastructure of CPK Sp. z o. o., including the High-Speed Railway, are or will be located. The guidelines were prepared with the cooperation of the Polish Geological Institute - National Research Institute.

The guidelines establish requirements and recommendations for the identification and investigation of the building subsoil to provide a set of geological and geotechnical data for the planning, design, construction and operation, including upgrades of the CPK rail project, and implements BIM standards for investigating the foundation conditions.

This type of work is an important stage in any railroad project. At the stage of preparatory works, their results will help to decide on the final choice of the variant of the railroad line route, and at later stages they will constitute the basis for design and construction works and monitoring at the operation stage. These guidelines are intended for all entities involved in the broadly understood implementation of the CPK railroad investment.

As of May 2021, the guidelines are being implemented as part of feasibility studies for eight rail sections across the country, and will eventually be applied to all stages of the investment.

The document "Guidelines for subsoil identification and investigation for high-speed railroad investments" was created thanks to the signed cooperation agreement between CPK and PGI - NRI concluded in July 2020, which includes, among others, substantive support, an exchange of experience on the subject of geology and the preparation of guidelines concerning geological issues that should be taken into account in the planning, preparation and implementation of Investment processes.

The authors of the "Guidelines..." are experts from the Department of Engineering Geology, PGI-NRI.

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Document: "Guidelines for the Identification and Investigation of Foundation Conditions for High-Speed Railway Projects"


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Document: "Errata to the study "Guidelines for the Identification and Investigation of Foundation Conditions for High-Speed Rail Projects"