mineral resources coverThe publication contains the updated information on the raw materials resources base and output. In the case of selected raw materials there were also data covering the multi-year period presented and the prospective of the resources base extension discussed.

In Poland, there are the raw materials deposits resources recorded in parallel with the assessment of the resources base prospective and the results of exploration researches – realized mainly by the Polish Geological Institute-National Research Institute – are periodically published. “Mineral Resources of Poland” is an English-language edition elaborated by the PGI-NRI, constituting the supplement for other crucial publications of the raw materials area - "The balance of mineral resources deposits in Poland” issued annually and being commonly recognized as the PGI-NRI publication and “The balance of prospective mineral raw materials resources of Poland”. The said publication is addressed to the trading and investment partners of our country.

The latest edition of “Mineral Resources of Poland” not only is based on the data covering the already recognized deposits, for which geological documentations were elaborated (on the basis of “The balance of mineral resources deposits in Poland”), but also, just as importantly, contains the results of raw materials deposits prospective according to the latest edition of “The balance of prospective mineral raw materials resources of Poland”.

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The content layout was prepared in such a manner that allows entrepreneur from the mining sector, who are interested in investing in Poland, to obtained the basic information on the domestic raw materials deposits in an orderly and complex fashion. Therefore, there were such elements covered in the publication as a glossary, which is extremely important for understanding the differences between the Polish terminology and other countries’ nomenclature, and also a short chapter devoted to the major geological features of Poland. Information presented in chapter II, covering the documented raw materials deposits and their resources (on different stages of exploration – resources and reserves) and on the output are preceded by a part (chapter I) where formal and legal issues of the mining activity were discussed: the concession system in Poland, financial regulations connected with licensing and exploitation, the geological information and rules for access to such information, and the system of deposits register. This chapter can be of a special importance to the potential investors. Similarly to the previous edition of “Mineral Resources of Poland”, to facilitate the analysis making, the resources of Polish raw materials deposits were discussed as regards United Nations Framework Classification for Resources (UNFC Update 2019).

In the 6th edition of “Mineral Resources of Poland” (chapter III) the information was enlarged by the status of work of the state geological survey in the area of circular economy in the raw materials sector. In synthetic terms, there were results of such work presented – covering almost 1,500 of the anthropogenic mining objects which, in couple of raw materials areas, may become the secondary source and a valuable addition to the resources base of primary sources. For the first time there was discussed the information on the already documented raw materials deposits which may be used for the production of critical raw materials (according to the Polish list of critical raw materials, slightly different from the European Union list).

All of the most important information were amply illustrated. Except for tables, graphs and figures placed in the text, the monograph also contains the set of attached maps on which the geological structure of Poland, the location of particular raw materials deposits and of old mining and industrial objects were presented.

The given publication is available in an electronic version on the website Mineral Resources of Poland and in printed form will be distributed among chambers of commerce, embassies and other institutions which are a potential pro-investment window in the raw materials deposits and resources sector for our country.

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