grafika ilustracyjnaAs of August 5, 2022, a new open-air exhibition titled "United in Geodiversity" is being presented on the fence of the headquarters of the Polish Geological Institute - NRI in Warsaw at 4 Rakowiecka Street.

The exhibition proposes an extraordinary journey across Europe, showing selected sites belonging to the UNESCO World Geoparks. The exhibition will be available for viewing until the end of 2022.

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Title board of the outdoor exhibition entitled. "United in Geodiversity"

Geoparks are - colloquially speaking - open-air geological museums. They are legally protected areas that promote and protect geological, ecological and cultural resources, combined with the diversified development and involvement of the local community. Geoparks are at the same time excellent places for tourism.

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UNESCO Geopark Network in Europe. Orange color marks the geoparks presented at the exhibition "United in Geodiversity"

The UNESCO World Geopark Network currently has 177 geoparks, whose areas present unique geological heritage sites of international significance for the knowledge about Earth's history. In Europe, 94 such areas have been granted UNESCO World Geopark status (as of June 22, 2022).


An outdoor exhibition entitled "United in Geodiversity" on the fence of PGI-NRI headquarters in Warsaw at 4 Rakowiecka Street

The exhibition "United in Geodiversity" is an attempt to show the beauty and richness of forms within the European landscape, which was shaped by geological processes. Among the many regions of the old continent that delight us with their landscape, we have singled out 20 places, in 19 countries, that are particularly valuable, both geologically, naturally, archaeologically and culturally. Each of these areas is unique.

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Sheet showing the UNESCO Holy Cross World Geopark located in Poland

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Sheet showing the UNESCO Saima World Geopark located in Finland

We hope that the exhibition will allow you to discover more interesting places that will become the destination of your holiday trips. The exhibition is presented on the fence of the main headquarters of the Polish Geological Institute - NRI in Warsaw on the side of Rakowiecka 4 Street and will be available until the end of 2022.


We invite you to watch!

Visit: pdf "Exhibition "United in geodiversity" (5.24 MB)


logo nfosigw enThe exhibition "United in Geodiversity" is under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Climate and Environment and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The exhibition was developed under the project "Dissemination of knowledge in the field of geology and promotion of the activities of the geological service" and was financed by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

Translated by: Tomasz Trzpil