grafika ilustracyjnaThe Polish Geological Institute – PIB received an award in the category "Earth surface protection, revitalisation of degraded areas” In the 21st Edition of the EKOLAURY 2022 Competition of the Polish Chamber of Ecology. The jury appreciated the implementation of a long-term project entitled “SOPO Landslide Protection System”.

statuetka nagrody ekolaury

Ekolaury 2022 award statuette for the Polish Geological Institute – PIB for the implementation of the “SOPO Landslide Protection System” project

The aim of the ECOLAURY 2022 competition was to reward organisations involved in promoting environmental education activities, popularising projects and activities related to environmental protection, climate change and water management, as well as promoting innovative solutions that have a significant impact on improving the environment and climate, and saving natural resources. Awards and distinctions were granted in 12 categories.

The awards ceremony of the EKOLAURY 2022 Competition was held on 29 November 2022 in Katowice. The statuette on behalf of the Institute was received by the Director of PGI-PIB, dr inż. Mateusz Damrat and the head of PIG-PIB's Geohazards Centre, dr Tomasz Wojciechowski.

odebranie nagrody Ekolaury 2022

Presentation of the Ekolaury 2022 award. Second from left – PIG-PIB Director dr inż. Mateusz Damrat, third from left – head of the PGI-PIB Geohazards Centre dr Tomasz Wojciechowski

The SOPO Landslide Protection System project has been conducted at PIG-PIB since 2006. Its primary objective is to identify and document all landslides and areas potentially endangered by mass movements in Poland, and establish a system of in-depth and surface monitoring at selected landslides.

The SOPO is a fundamental element of the Landslide Risk Reduction Strategy in Poland and provides important support for governmental and self-governmental administration and the public. The main output of the project is the identification and documentation of landslides in a scale of 1:10,000. As part of the work, the location of landslides is documented and the degree of their activity is determined. All emergencies, failures and disasters are diagnosed on an ongoing basis, and the scale of the hazard is estimated. An important element of the project is the monitoring of landslides that threaten important buildings and infrastructure.

A wide range of research-type work is being carried out to, among other things, improve monitoring methods, obtain information on landslide development, update data and forecast landslide hazards. The project also includes multi-channel, dedicated education and dissemination of knowledge addressed to various audiences in the form of conferences, training courses, etc.

The Polish Geological Institute – PIB had received Ekolaury statuettes six times in the past years.


Photos: Europerspektywy, Michał Zieliński