grafika ilustracyjnaThe Land of Extinct Volcanoes Geopark has officially joined the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network. It is the third area in Poland with this title, alongside the UNESCO Holy Cross Mountains Geopark and the UNESCO Muskau Arch Geopark.

Located in the Western Sudetes, the Land of Extinct Volcanoes is a unique area of geological, cultural and natural significance. The rocks and hills tell the geological story of as many as three periods of volcanic activity: 400-500 million years ago, around 300-280 million years ago and between 35-15 million years ago. Today you can see what is left of the Earth's volcanic activity. Caves and deep river gorges can also be found there. The variety of rocks and minerals is awe-inspiring, and the material reminders of the centuries-old use of the Earth's resources by humans are highly impressive.

On the occasion of the inclusion of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes Geopark in the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network, the exhibition "United in Geodiversity", prepared by the Polish Geological Institute - National Research Institute and presenting selected UNESCO Geoparks from Europe, is on display at the Sudetic Geoscience Centre in Dobków. The exhibition in Dobków can be viewed until April 22, 2024.

Geopark Kraina Wygasłych wulkanów

PGI-NRI employees have been working in the area for years, cooperating with municipalities and, since last year, formally with the Land of Extinct Volcanoes Geopark itself. Geotourism rallies through the Pielgrzymka municipality, led by dr Aleksander Kowalski from the Lower Silesian Branch of PGI-NRI have already become an annual tradition.

The successful cooperation has resulted in the creation of popular science publications, a geotourism trail with educational boards and the establishment of four new documentation sites - forms of inanimate nature conservation. Last year, on behalf of the Kaczawskie Association, the Lower Silesian Branch of PGI-NRI also developed elements of a new popular science exhibition for the Sudetic Geoscience Centre - a geopark geological-ecological education centre in Dobków.

kolorowe plansze z wystawą zewnętrzną wiszące na ogrodzeniu

Exhibition in the Sudetic Geoscience Centre prepared by employees of the Lower Silesian Branch of PGI-NRI in Wrocław We would like to congratulate the inhabitants of the area and the Kaczawskie Association (Stowarzyszenie Kaczawskie), which manages the Geopark, on their success!

wystawa geoedukacyjna

Text: Artur Baranowski, Katarzyna Szadkowska