bilans 2016 en 210 140Polish Geological Institute-National Research Institute published the summary of Poland’s mineral deposits. The latest edition of “The balance of mineral resources deposits in Poland” is available on-line. The publication presents information on 13,586 deposits documented in Poland.




“The balance…” has been published for more than 60 years, since 1986 continually by PGI-NRI. Information contained in the document serves as the basis for making important decisions regarding the development and rational use of domestic mineral resources.


The publication helps to protect the mineral raw materials deposits and is an important source of information for spatial management policy makers. The data collected in ”The balance…” represent valuable information for potential domestic and foreign investors who express interest in the development of sectors that are based on extraction and processing of raw materials.


The latest publication contains data on 13,586 domestic deposits. Traditionally, data are presented in form of chapters within four raw materials groups. These groups are selected on the basis of the raw material usability as a mineral commodity. The data within the groups are presented by raw material type in the form of tables that are supplemented with succinct textual descriptions. Information is organized according to the administrative or – for hard coal, crude oil and natural gas – regional configuration.


“The balance…” was prepared solely by PGI-NRI as a task of National Geological Survey. Similarly to the previous editions it was published in June, in accordance with the provisions of the Geological and Mining Law of 9 June 2011 (2015 Journal of Laws Item 196, unified text).


The updated website “Poland's mineral resources” (in Polish and in English) was launched alongside the printed version of the publication. “The balance...” and additional information about particular groups of mineral raw materials is available in PDF format. Moreover, to meet the expectation of ever growing number of recipients, we have published regularly updated vector data that enable visualisation of spatial information about the deposits and mining areas/sites.


 Edyta Majer, Dr

Deputy Director, Director of the Polish Geological Survey

Polish Geological Institute-National Research Institute

Translation: Marcin Tymiński


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