skaner 4 mnPolish Geological Survey purchased a high-tech drilling core image acquisition tool: the DMT CoreScan3 optical scanner for high resolution imaging and structural/petrographic analysis of rocks. The tool will help to investigate the mineral resources and geology of Poland.

red1 minThe latest research methods are likely to contribute significantly to the discovery of new oil and gas reservoirs across Poland. Specialists from Polish Geological Institute – NRI prepare a research project that will help to locate secondary conventional oil and gas reservoirs which are indirectly associated with shale gas and shale oil.

geolog aplHuge resources of geological data, maps and information about the results of research of Polish Geological Institute, are at your fingertips. Completely free, without any login and password! Just pick up the phone or tablet and take advantage of the new application GeoLOG.

bilans zasobow 2014 minPolish Geological Institute published the Assessment of Poland's mineral resources as of 31 December 2014, a summary of Poland's mineral deposits. As of end 2014 there were 13 410 proven mineral deposits across Poland. The latest issue of the “Assessment...” is available on-line.