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Tytuł Odsłon Dodano do listy
Analysis of Geophysical Potential Fields
Naidu P.S., Mathew M.P., 1998
698 2012-12-20
Analysis of deformation and tectonic history of the Southern Altiplano Plateau (Bolivia) and their importance for plateau formation
Elger K., 2004
699 2013-06-12
Auroral Dynamics and Space Weather

Yongliang Zhang, Larry J. Paxton, 2009

706 2013-03-22
Anatomy of an ancient subduction channel in the depth range of its seismogenic coupling zone - insights from field studies in the Swiss Alps and Southern Chile
Bachmann R., 2008
707 2013-03-28
Atlas of plutonic rocks and orthogneisses in the Bohemian Massif
Klomínský J., Jarchovský T., Rajpoot G.S., 2010
708 2012-12-31
Abstracts of 31 st IAS Meeting of Sedimentology held in Krakow on 22 nd –25 th of June 2015


718 2017-05-22
A hyper elastic conductor for bulk energy transfer in the wall of spoolable tubes for electric deep drilling
Neuhold S.M., 2007
724 2013-03-22
An integrated approach to the study of biosignatures in mineralizing biofilms and microbial mats
Heim C.N., 2010
744 2013-03-22
Anwendung multiparametrischer Fernerkundungsdaten zur Ökosystem-Kartierung und Regionalisierung von Transpirations-Flussmessungen in Zentralsibirien
Etzrodt N., 2002
745 2013-03-22
Aging of NAPLs interfaces in porous media and their effects on mass transfer of organic contaminants
Lihua L., 2008
761 2013-03-28
Archaean evolution of the Tipasjärvi-Kuhmo-Suomussalmi Greenstone Complex, Finland

Papunen H., Halkoaho T., Luukkonen E., 2009

762 2012-12-31
Assessing building vulnerability to tsunami hazard using integrative remote sensing and GIS approaches
Sumaryono S. 2010
764 2013-03-22
Auswirkungen der Saugspannung auf physikalische und mechanische Eigenschaften von überkonsolidierten Tonen und Tonsteinen im Verwitterungsprozess
Bönsch C., 2006
764 2012-12-31
A method to delineate runoff processes in a catchment and its implications for runoff simulations
Schmocker-Fackel P., 2004
765 2013-03-22
Analytic Element Modeling of Groundwater Flow
Haitjema H.M., 1995
774 2012-12-20
A three-dimensional analysis of excavation-induced perturbations in the Opalinus Clay at the Mont Terri Rock Laboratory
Yong S, 2007
786 2013-03-22
Au-Ag telluride-selenide deposits : Field Workshop of IGCP-486, Espoo, Finland 26-31st August 2007

Kojonen K.K., Cook N.J., Ojala J.V. (eds.), 2007

791 2012-12-31
Advances in Gold Ore Processing
Adams M.D., Wills B.A., 2005
793 2012-12-20
Atlas wykorzystania wód termalnych do skojarzonej produkcji energii elektrycznej i cieplnej przy zastosowaniu układów binarnych w Polsce
824 2013-09-19
Aquatic macroinvertebrate diversity along the lateral dimension of a large river floodplain : application to the Rhône River restoration
Paillex A., 2010
843 2011-09-27
Analyse multi-aléas et risques naturels dans le département du Chocó (nord-ouest de la Colombie)
Mosquera Machado S., 2002
846 2011-06-14
Advances in Coastal Modeling
Lakhan V.C., 2003
851 2012-12-20
Alpine Waters

Bundi U., 2010

856 2011-09-23
A Holocene Sedimentary Record from Lake Silvana, SE Brazil : Evidence for Paleoclimatic Changes from Mineral, Trace-Metal and Pollen Data

Rodrigues-Filho S., Müller G., 1999

859 2011-10-03
Advances in the Research of Aquatic Environment. Volume 2

Lambrakis N., Stournaras G., Katsanou K., 2011

859 2012-12-31
Advances in Stromatolite Geobiology

Reitner J., Quéric N.V., Arp G., 2011

869 2013-05-09
Atmospheric Greenhouse Gases : The Hungarian Perspective

Haszpra L., 2011

870 2011-01-10
Antifouling Paint Biocides

Konstantinou I.K., 2006

872 2011-09-23
Analyse multispektraler Fernerkundungsdaten im Hinblick auf deren Eignung zur Einschätzung des Biomassepotenzials großer Landschaftsräume am Beispiel des Naturparks TERRA.vita
Kopka A., 2007
874 2013-05-10
Abfluß- und Stofffrachtseparation im Buntsandstein des Nordschwarzwaldes
Seeger T., 1990
877 2013-03-28