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Tytuł Odsłon Dodano do listy
Eurokarst 2018, Besançon. Advances in the Hydrogeology of Karst and Carbonate Reservoirs
  • Catherine Bertrand,
  • Sophie Denimal, 
  • Marc Steinmann, 
  • Philippe Renard, 2020
3 2020-05-07
Encyclopedia of Petroleum Geoscience

Rasoul Sorkhabi, 2019

39 2019-04-05
Ecological Wisdom Inspired Restoration Engineering
Varenyam Achal, Abhijit Mukherjee, 2019
55 2019-04-05
Engineering Geology and Geological Engineering for Sustainable Use of the Earth’s Resources, Urbanization and Infrastructure Protection from Geohazards. Proceedings of the 1st GeoMEast International Congress and Exhibition, Egypt 2017 on Sustainabl
Janusz Wasowski, Daniele Giordan, Piernicola Lollino, 2018
105 2018-11-18
Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics in Memory of Ragnar Sigbjörnsson. Selected Topics
Rajesh Rupakhety, Símon Ólafsson, 2018
108 2018-11-18
Evolution of South American Mammalian Predators During the Cenozoic: Paleobiogeographic and Paleoenvironmental Contingencies
Francisco J. Prevosti, Analía M. Forasiepi, 2018
110 2018-11-18
Earthquakes and Multi-hazards Around the Pacific Rim, Vol. I
Yongxian Zhang, Thomas Goebel, Zhigang Peng, Charles A. Williams, Mark Yoder, John B. Rundle, 2018
112 2018-11-19
Energy and Environment. Select Proceedings of ICWEES-2016
Vijay P Singh, Shalini Yadav, Ram Narayan Yadava, 2018
113 2018-11-18
Encyclopedia of Engineering Geology

Peter T. Bobrowsky, Brian Marker, 2018

115 2018-11-18
Earth Observation Open Science and Innovation
Pierre-Philippe Mathieu, Christoph Aubrecht, 2018
141 2018-11-18
Ecosystem Biogeochemistry. Element Cycling in the Forest Landscape

Christopher S. Cronan, 2018

142 2018-11-18
Environments and Ecosystem Dynamics of the Eurasian Neogene (EEDEN) Stratigraphy and Palaeogeography. Workshop Graz


160 2017-02-14
Eruptive history of Mammoth Mountain and its mafic periphery, California


184 2016-10-06
Ecosystem Services. Global Issues, Local Practices

Sander Jacobs, Nicolas Dendoncker, Hans Keune, 2014

185 2016-10-12
Extreme Weather: Forty Years of the Tornado and Storm Research Organisation (TORRO)

Robert K. Doe, 2016

195 2016-10-07
Ecological Modelling and Engineering of Lakes and Wetlands

Sven Erik Jørgensen, Ni-Bin Chang,  Fu-Liu Xu, 2014

198 2016-10-12
Education and Training for the Oil and Gas Industry. Case Studies in Partnership and Collaboration

Jim Playfoot, Phil Andrews, 2014

198 2016-10-12
Earthquakes and Coseismic Surface Faulting on the Iranian Plateau A Historical, Social and Physical Approach

Manuel Berberian, 2014

200 2016-10-12
Encyclopedia of the Solar System (Third Edition)

Tilman Spohn, Torrence Johnson, Doris Breuer, 2014

209 2016-10-13
Erzbildende Prozesse in hydrothermalen Ganglagerstätten, Schwarzwald, SW-Deutschland 
Walter B., 2016
209 2016-09-14
Ecosystem Services From Biodiversity to Society, Part 1


212 2016-09-15
Eocene to Miocene Composite Total Petroleum System, Irrawaddy-Andaman and North Burma Geologic Provinces, Myanmar

C.J. Wandrey, 2006

223 2016-10-19
Enhanced Oil Recovery. Field Case Studies

James Sheng, 2013

225 2016-10-13
Exploring hominins and animals in the Swabian Jura: Study of the Paleolithic fauna from Hohlenstein-StadelMenschen und Tieren auf der Schwäbischen Alb: Eine Untersuchung der paläolithischen Fauna vom Hohlenstein-Stadel 
Kitagawa K., 2014
241 2016-09-15
Energy and Global Climate Change: Bridging the Sustainable Development Divide

Anilla Cherian, 2015

242 2016-10-07
Engineering Satellite-Based Navigation and Timing: Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Signals, and Receivers

John W. Betz, 2016

245 2016-10-07
Ecological plasticity and divergence processes of the Iranian inland species of Aphanius (Teleostei, Cyprinodontidae), with focus on A. sophiae and A. farsicus in the Kor River and Maharlu Lake basins, Southwestern Iran

Gholami Zeinab, 2014

247 2017-05-24
Entwicklung und Anwendung eines neuartigen Analysenverfahrens zur Bestimmung von Quecksilber(II) mit Hilfe der FI-CVAAS: Messung von Quecksilber(II) in Bodenproben aus dem Projekt Region 10 des Bayerischen Geologischen Landesamts mit der FI-CVAAS

Bohla Andreas, 2003

248 2017-05-23
Exkursionsführer 11. Sedimentologentreffen


248 2017-02-13
Earth and Life Processes Discovered from Subseafloor Environments A Decade of Science Achieved by the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP)

Ruediger Stein, Donna K. Blackman, Fumio Inagak, Hans-Christian Larsen, 2014

249 2016-10-12