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Tytuł Odsłon Dodano do listy
Flood Risk Management Strategies and Governance
Tom Raadgever, Dries Hegger, 2018
174 2018-11-18
Flood Warning, Forecasting and Emergency Response

Sene K., 2008

944 2010-05-28
Flotation Technology


957 2010-06-17
Flow and sedimentation of pyroclastic density currents: from large scale to boundary layer processes

Douillet Guilhem Amin, 2015

316 2017-05-24
Flow and Transport Processes with Complex Obstructions Applications to Cities, Vegetative Canopies, and Industry

Gayev Y.A., Hunt J.C.R., 2007

677 2010-12-15
Fluid Distribution Along the Nankai-Trough Megathrust Fault off the Kii Peninsula. Inferred from Receiver Function Analysis

Takeshi Akuhara, 2018

159 2018-11-18
Fluid Dynamics in Complex Fractured-Porous Systems

Boris Faybishenko, Sally M. Benson, John E. Gale, 2015

371 2016-10-07
Fluid Dynamics of Oil and Gas Reservoirs

M.Z. Rachinsky, V.Y. Kerimov, 2015

431 2016-10-07
Fluid evolution, vein formation and alteration associated with a low angle shear zone at the northern Variscan fold and thrust belt in the vicinity of the Aachen geothermic drilling, Western Germany
Lögering M.J., 2008
1095 2013-05-10
Fluid Histories During HP and UHP Metamorphism in Dabie Shan, China: Constraints from Trace Elements, Fluid Inclusions, and Stable Isotopes
Xiao Y., 2000
600 2013-03-27
Fluid inclusion and stable isotope studies of hydrothermal vein deposits, Schwarzwald, Germany
Baatartsogt B., 2006
523 2013-10-11
Fluid rock interaction history of a faulted rhyolite granite contact, Eastern Rhine Graben Shoulder, SW-Germany : alteration processes determined by Sr-, Pb-Isotopes, Th-U-disequilibria and elemental distributions
Marbach T., 2003
459 2013-09-24
Fluid rock interaction on alpine type ultramafic rocks from the Norwegian Caledonides
Birtel S., 2003
476 2013-09-24
Fluidentwicklung und Diagenese im Nordostdeutschen Becken - Petrographie, Mikrothermometrie und Geochemie stabiler Isotope
Wolfgramm M., 2002
639 2012-12-31
Fluvial Sediment Aggradation and Incision in NW Sub-Himalaya 
Dey, S.; Thiede, R. C.; Bookhagen, B.; Strecker, M. R., 2013
298 2016-09-15
Fog and Boundary Layer Clouds : Fog Visibility and Forecasting


925 2010-05-28
Folios of the Geologic Atlas USGS
472 2016-10-20
FOREGS `99 Vienna.-150 Years Geological Survey of Austria.- Field trip guide: Vienna-Dachstein-HallstattSalzkammergut


313 2017-02-13
Forests to Climate Change Mitigation Clean Development Mechanism in Bangladesh

Miah Md.D., Shin M.Y., Koike M., 2011

625 2011-01-10
Formy i osady czwartorzędowe w świetle badań georadarowych = Quaternary forms and deposits in the light of ground penetrating radar investigations
Lamparski P., 2004
643 2012-12-18


448 2017-05-17
Fossil and Recent Biofilms A Natural History of Life on Earth

Krumbein W., 2003

357 2016-10-31
Fossil Earthquakes : The Formation and Preservation of Pseudotachylytes

Lin A., 2008

851 2010-05-28
Fossil Parasites

Kenneth De Baets and D. Timothy J Littlewood, 2015

253 2017-02-08
Fossil Record 3

Robert M. Sullivan, Spencer G. Lucas, Justin A. Spielmann, 2011

308 2016-10-24
Fourth International Conodont Symposium ICOS IV: “Progress on Conodont Investigation”. Jointly with, The International Subcommission on Devonian, The International Subcommission on Silurian Stratigraphy


662 2017-09-28
Fourth International Workshop on Aggultinated Foraminifera Excursion Guidebook Polish Flysch Carpathians

Slaczka A., Geroch A., Koszarski L., 1993

550 2013-09-25
Fractal and Chaotic Properties of Earthquakes

Goltz C., 1997

553 2011-10-03
Fractal Behaviour of the Earth System


870 2010-05-28
Fracture toughness determination and micromechanics of rock under Mode I and Mode II loading
Backers T., 2005
1037 2013-09-20