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Tytuł Odsłon Dodano do listy
Human Geoscience
  • Yukio Himiyama, 
  • Kenji Satake, 
  • Taikan Oki, 2020
35 2020-05-07
Himalayan Weather and Climate and their Impact on the Environment
  • A.P. Dimri, 
  • B. Bookhagen, 
  • M. Stoffel,
  • T. Yasunari, 2020
40 2020-05-07
How to Store CO2 Underground: Insights from early-mover CCS Projects
  • Philip Ringrose, 2020
45 2020-05-07
History of Terrestrial Mammals in South America How South American Mammalian Fauna Changed from the Mesozoic to Recent Times

Thomas Defler, 2019

101 2019-04-05
History, Exploration & Exploitation of Oil and Gas


111 2019-04-05
High-Mountain Atmospheric Research The Italian Mt. Cimone WMO/GAW Global Station (2165 m a.s.l.)
Paolo Cristofanelli, Erika Brattich, Stefano Decesari, Tony Christian Landi, Michela Maione, Davide Putero, Laura Tositti, Paolo Bonasoni, 2018
165 2018-11-18
Hydrolysis of Amides and Phenylamide Pesticides at the Mineral-Water InterfaceHydrolyse von Amiden und Phenylamid-Pestiziden an der Mineral-Wasser Grenzfläche 
Chen T., 2014
240 2016-09-15
Historia Naturalis & Experimentalis de Ventis

Francis Bacon, 1662

248 2016-10-13
Hydrologic Unit USGS
250 2016-10-20
Hochtemperatur-Strukturforschung mittels Beugungsmethoden an den oxidischen Materialien Mullit und Zirkonia

Brunauer Gerhard, 2004

253 2017-05-23
Handbook of Mathematical Geosciences
B.S. Daya Sagar, Qiuming Cheng, Frits Agterberg, 2018
254 2018-07-12
Humanbioklimatrend in Deutschland (1951-2000)

Demmler Petra, 2007

258 2017-05-24
Hydrogeochemical Investigations in the Osgood Mountains, North-Central Nevada. Chapter B of Geoenvironmental Investigations of the Humboldt River Basin, Northern Nevada

Richard B. Wanty, Byron R. Berger, Michele L. Tuttle, Paul H. Briggs, Allen L. Meier,  James G. Crock, 2006

265 2016-10-19
Halogen (F, Cl and Br) systematics in alkaline to peralkaline magmatic rocks and their constituting minerals 
Wang L., 2014
271 2016-09-15
Historical Earthquakes in Central Europe. Monographs, Vol. I.

R. Gutdeutsch, G. Grüntha, R. Musson, 1992

280 2017-05-19
Human Pharmaceuticals in the Environment. Current and Future Perspective
Bryan W. Brooks, Duane B. Huggett, 2012
283 2017-10-31
Handbook of Energy. Volume II: Chronologies, Top Ten Lists, and Word Clouds

Cutler J. Cleveland, Christopher G. Morris, 2014

294 2016-10-13
History and Climate Memories of the Future?

Jones P., 2001

297 2016-11-07
Holistic correlation of physical and mechanical properties of selected natural stones for assessing durability and weathering in the natural environment

Bourgès Ann, 2006

298 2017-05-23
Herbivorous large mammals from the late Middle Miocene Gratkorn locality (Styria, Austria) Taxonomy and Isotopic Tracking of Palaeoecology (δ18OCO3, δ13C, 87Sr/86Sr)
Aiglstorfer M., 2014
302 2016-09-15
High-resolution organic petrography of the Toarcian Posidonia Shale of Germany and the western Netherlands: Study of the organo-mineral microfacies variations, reconstruction of the depositional environments and construction of a depositional model 
Gorbanenko O., 2015
304 2016-09-15
Historische Erdbebentheorien von der Antike bis zum Ende des 19.Jahrhunderts


312 2017-02-15
Hydrogeologische Untersuchungen der Geothermalfelder von Puyehue und Cordón Caulle, Chile

Dorsch Klaus, 2003

313 2017-05-24
Hydrology and Water Resources of Africa

Shahin M., 2002

319 2016-11-03
Heavily Modified Water Bodies. Synthesis of 34 Case Studies in Europe

Kampa E., 2004

321 2016-10-28
Hydrology and Lakes


323 2016-10-25
Hochauflösende Untersuchungen von Biomarkern an epikontinentalen Schwarzschiefern des Unteren Toarciums (Posidonienschiefer, Lias e) von SW-Deutschland
Frimmel A., 2003
324 2014-04-08
Hazards, Risks, and Disasters in Society

Andrew Collins, Jones Samantha, Bernard Manyena, Sarah Walsh, J. F. Shroder Jr., 2015

325 2016-10-13
Hydrodynamic analysis of suspension feeding in recent and fossil crinoids 
Dynowski J., 2015
326 2016-09-15
Hydrocarbon contamination induced changes of magnetic properties in soil and sediment
Rijal, M.L., 2010
337 2014-05-07