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Tytuł Odsłon Dodano do listy
Pyroxenes and Amphiboles: Crystal Chemistry and Phase Petrology

J. J. Papike, And Francis R. Boyd, Joan R. Clark, And W. G. Ernst, 1969

311 2017-02-14
Planktonic foraminifera transfer function approach to Red Sea paleoceanography
Siccha M., 2009
312 2014-05-07
Photoatlas zu den variszischen Karbonat-Gesteinen der Karnischen Alpen (Österreich/Italien)

L.H. Kreutzer, 1992

313 2017-05-19
Potassic Igneous Rocks and Associated Gold-Copper Mineralization

Müller D., 2000

313 2016-11-09
Physik des erdnahen Weltraums. Eine Einführung

Prölss G., 2004

314 2016-10-28
Provenance study of the Early Iron Age Knobbed ware in Troia, NW Turkey and the Balkans. Petrographic and geochemical evidence
Pintér F., 2005
316 2014-04-08
Paleoecological analysis of the vertebrate fauna of the Morrison Formation (Upper Jurassic), Rocky Mountain region, U.S.A.

John R. Foster, 2003

318 2016-10-24
Plurigaussian Simulations in Geosciences

Armstrong M., 2003

318 2016-10-31
Petroleum geology and total petroleum systems of the Widyan Basin and Interior Platform of Saudi Arabia and Iraq
James E. Fox and Thomas S. Ahlbrandt, 2002
330 2016-10-20
Pasture Landscapes and Nature Conservation

Redecker B., 2002

331 2016-11-03
Petrologische und geochemische Untersuchungen an alkalinen, peralkalinen und agpaitischen Magmatiten der mittelproterozoischen Gardar-Provinz, Südgrönland
Marks M., 2003
334 2014-04-08
Petrogenesis of Metamorphic Rocks

Bucher K., 2002

340 2016-11-03
Physics and Chemistry of Partially Molten Rocks

Bagdassarov N. 2000

342 2016-11-09
Paleozoic Geography and Paleomagnetism of Kazakhstan. Dissertation, LMU München: Faculty of Geosciences

Alexyutin Maxim, 2006

343 2017-05-22
Paleomagnetic Principles and Practice

Tauxe L., 2003

343 2016-10-31
Palladium Membrane Technology for Hydrogen Production, Carbon Capture and Other Applications. Principles, Energy Production and Other Applications

A. Doukelis, K. Panopoulos, A. Koumanakos, E. Kakaras, 2015

344 2016-10-14
Permian stratigraphy and paleontology of the Robledo Mountains, New Mexico

Spencer G. Lucas, John W. Estep, Jerry M. Hoffer, 1998

347 2015-10-09
Physics of the Earth’s Space Environment. An Introduction
354 2016-10-25
Principles of Soil and Plant Water Relations


354 2016-10-17
Petrophysics: A Practical Guide

Steve Cannon, 2016

355 2016-10-07
Phylogeny and Evolution of the Gorgonopsia with a Special Reference to the Skull and Skeleton of GPIT/RE/7113 ('Aelurognathus?' parringtoni)
Gebauer E.V.I., 2007
356 2014-05-07
Paleogeographic reconstructions in the western mediterranean and implications for permian pangea configurations

Aubele Katharina, 2015

357 2017-05-22
Petrography and geochemistry of Khewra Trap, a unique ultrapotassic rock in the Salt Range of Pakistan 
Jan, M. Q.; Weaver, B. L., 2013
357 2016-09-15
Proceedings of the 36 th International Conference of the Polish Phycological Society Mass development of algae: biodiversity, ecology and management prospects Lublin – Kazimierz Dolny, Poland 24 th-27 th May 2017


360 2018-02-15
Peatlands. Evolution and Records of Environmental and Climate Changes
Martini I.P., Martínez Cortizas A.,Chesworth W., 2006
362 2012-12-18
Past Climate Variability through Europe and Africa
Richard W. Battarbee, Françoise Gasse, Catherine E. Stickley, 2004
363 2015-04-30
Petrographische und geochemische Untersuchungen an archäologischer Keramik aus Nordost-Syrien, Südost-Anatolien, Ost-Anatolien und Ost-Georgien
Kibaroglu M., 2008
368 2014-05-07
Proceedings of GeoMod2014 – Modelling in Geosciences: Programme and Extended Abstracts 31 August–5 September 2014, GeoMod2014 – Modelling in Geosciences

Elger K., Haug Ø. T., Ritter M. C., 2014

368 2015-10-08
Progress in Geospatial Analysis
Murayama Y., 2012
368 2015-04-02
Planning Support Systems in Practice

Geertman S., 2003

369 2016-10-31