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Tytuł Odsłon Dodano do listy
Pierwszy Polski Kongres Geologiczny. Abstrakty
795 2012-12-31
Practical Sequence Stratigraphy
Embry A., 2009
650 2012-12-31
Picro-ilmenites. an experimental study in simple and complex systems to investigate P-T-fO₂-composition relations at high pressure
Semytkivska N., 2010
470 2013-03-21
Palaeozoic Climates, Lille, 22-31 August 2008
439 2013-03-21
Paleoecological and geochemical studies on sponge/microencruster -bearing communities contained in selected Cipit Boulders from the St. Cassian Formation (Lower Carnian, Upper Triassic) of the Dolomites, Northeastern Italy
Sánchez Beristain J.F., 2010
458 2013-03-22
Petrography and Facies of the Al-Mahruqah Formation in the Murzuq Basin, SW Libya
Abdullah M., 2010
484 2013-03-22
Paleoenvironmental changes in the Black Sea region during the last 26000 years : a multi-proxy study of lacustrine sediments from the western Black Sea
Kwiecien O., 2009
481 2013-03-22
Plate tectonics in computational simulations of terrestrial mantle convection with grain-size-dependent rheology
Auth C., 2001
411 2013-03-22
Palaeozoic and Mesozoic tectono-metamorphic development and geochronology of the Orobic chain (Southern Alps, Lombardy, Italy)
Feijth J., 2002
558 2013-03-22
Postglazialer Anstieg des Meeresspiegels, Paläoklima und Hydrographie, aufgezeichnet in Sedimenten der Bermuda inshore waters
Vollbrecht R., 2000
375 2013-03-25
Parameter-Identifikation in Doppel-Kontinuum-Modellen am Beispiel von Karstaquiferen
Mohrlok U., 1996
376 2013-03-28
Practical approaches to modelling natural attenuation processes at LNAPL contaminated sites
Miles B.,2007
370 2013-03-28
Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Integrated Soil and Water Protection - Risks from diffuse pollution (SOWA)
Halm D.,2004
384 2013-03-28
Polar motions with a half-Chandler period and less in their temporal variability
Höpfner J., 2002
715 2013-03-28
Paleomagnetic and magnetic anisotropy techniques applied to tectonically deformed regions
Hirt-Tasillo A.M., 2008
459 2013-03-28
Przeobrażenia stosunków wodnych w warunkach zmieniającego się środowiska

Jankowski A.J., 2009

496 2013-05-09
Plate Tectonic Evolution and Mineral Resource Potential of the Lancang River Zone, Southwestern Yunnan, People`s Republic of China
Heppe K., 2004
505 2013-06-12
Principles of the Gravitational Method
Kaufman A.A., Hansen R.O., 2007
361 2013-09-19
Principles of the Magnetic Methods in Geophysics
Kaufman A.A, Hansen R.O., Kleinberg R.L.K., 2008
323 2013-09-19
Proxies in Late Cenozoic Paleoceanography
Hillaire–Marcel C., Vernal A. de, 2007
333 2013-09-19
Porifera-microbialites of the Lower Liassic (Northern Calcareous Alps) - Re-settlement strategies on submarine mounds of dead Rhaetian reefs by ancestral benthic communities
Delecat S., 2005
507 2013-09-30
Proceedings of the First Italian Meeting on Environmental Micropaleontolog Urbino, Italy, June 4-6, 2002

Coccioni R., Galeotti S., Lirer F., 2004

402 2013-09-30
Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Agglutinated Foraminifera

Hart M., Kaminski M., Smart C., 2001

374 2013-09-30
Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Agglutinated Foraminifera

Kaminski M.A., Geroch S., Gasinski M.A., 1995

368 2013-09-30
Palaeomagnetic and structural investigations in unbeknown areas of Central Tibet : a study on block rotations and crustal shortening
Staiger M., 2004
419 2013-09-30
Palaeontology and biostratigraphy of the lower cretaceous Qihulin formation in eastern Heilongjiang, northeastern China

Li G., 2001

469 2013-09-30
Palaeozoic and mesozoic palaeomagnetism of South America : results from Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Brazil
Rakotosolofo N.A., 2004
504 2013-09-30
Periglaziale Lagen : ihre Zuordnung zum Relief und ihre sedimentologisch-pedologische Differenzierung sowie ihre Auswirkungen auf Standortqualitäten anhand ausgewählter Beispiele aus dem Steigerwald
Pfeiffer M., 2002
530 2013-09-30
Perturbations des environments marins, a la limite Frasnien-Famennien (Devonien terminal): apport de la geochimie inorganique et du magnetisme des roches
Riquier L., 2005
436 2013-09-30
Porphyry-related polymetallic mineralisation in the Morococha district, central Peru: mineralisation styles, timing and fluid evolution
Catchpole H., 2011
416 2013-09-30