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Tytuł Odsłon Dodano do listy
Advanced methods for analysing and modelling multivariate palaeoclimatic time series
Donner R., 2007
963 2013-05-10
An Updated Classification of the Recent Crustacea

Martin J.W., Davis G.E., 2001

927 2013-06-10
A case study for Skukuza: Estimating biophysical properties of fires using EOS-MODIS satellite data
Landmann T., 2003
963 2013-06-12
Analysis of deformation and tectonic history of the Southern Altiplano Plateau (Bolivia) and their importance for plateau formation
Elger K., 2004
715 2013-06-12
Agaty z Płóczek Górnych


1366 2013-09-19
Atlas wykorzystania wód termalnych do skojarzonej produkcji energii elektrycznej i cieplnej przy zastosowaniu układów binarnych w Polsce
862 2013-09-19
Analiza i ocena błędów w dokumentowaniu złóż kopalin
1485 2013-09-20
Advanced Water Injection for Low Permeability Reservoirs. Theory and Practice


615 2013-09-20
A metallogenetic model for carbonate-hosted non-sulphide zinc deposits based on observations of Mehdi Abad and Irankuh, Central and Southwestern Iran
Reichert J., 2007
1037 2013-09-23
As-mineral-humic substance interactions - Influence of natural organic matter on sorption and mobility of As
Sharma P., 2010
550 2013-10-11
Au-Sn-W-Cu-Mineralization in the Astaneh-Sarband Area, West Central Iran : including a comparison of the ores with ancient bronze artifacts from Western Asia
Nezafati N., 2006
582 2013-10-11
Anaerobic biodegradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Safinowski M., 2005
564 2013-10-11
A study of Pleistocene Lacustrine Sediments at the Southern Front of the Tibetan Plateau : Dating and Palaeoclimate record
Goddu S.R., 2004
690 2014-04-08
Applied numerical modeling of saturated / unsaturated flow and reactive contaminant transport - evaluation of site investigation strategies and assessment of environmental impact
Beyer C., 2007
443 2014-04-08
Atmogenic pollutants as reactive tracers for identification and quantification of important transport processes in a karst area at the catchment scale
Schwarz K., 2010
439 2014-05-07
An Euler-Lagrangian concept for transport processes in coupled hydrosystems
Delfs J., 2010
416 2014-05-07
Applied argument analysis, Nappe tectonics and Palynostratigraphy in the middle Lahn-syncline (Stratigraphy and facies relations in the Devonian and Lower Carboniferous of the middle Lahn-syncline between Weilburg and ruin Aardeck)
Vogt A.W., 2005
1014 2014-09-26
Allochthonous triassic clods of the Unterwerrasattel as a key for the comprehension of saxony graben tectonics
Möbus H-M., 2004
531 2014-09-29
Agent-Based Models of Geographical Systems
Alison J. Heppenstall, Andrew T. Crooks, Linda M. See, Michael Batty, 2012
533 2015-04-02
Aria, acqua, terra e fuoco Terremoti, frane ed eruzioni vulcaniche
Blasio F.V., 2012
551 2015-04-02
A New Target Detector Based on Geometrical Perturbation Filters for Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (POL-SAR)
Marino A., 2012
605 2015-04-10
Aralkum - a Man-Made Desert. The Desiccated Floor of the Aral Sea (Central Asia)
Siegmar-W. Breckle, Walter Wucherer, Liliya A. Dimeyeva, Nathalia P. Ogar, 2012
488 2015-04-14
Arctic Climate Change. The ACSYS Decade and Beyond
Peter Lemke, Hans-Werner Jacobi, 2012
454 2015-04-15
Arctic Science, International Law and Climate Change. Legal Aspects of Marine Science in the Arctic Ocean
Susanne Wasum-Rainer, Ingo Winkelmann, Katrin Tiroch, 2012
426 2015-04-16
Arid Lands Water Evaluation and Management
Maliva R., Missimer T., 2012
450 2015-04-16
Automating the Analysis of Spatial Grids A Practical Guide to Data Mining Geospatial Images for Human & Environmental Applications
Lakshmanan V., 2012
434 2015-04-16
African Ecology. Benchmarks and Historical Perspectives
Spinage C.A., 2012
423 2015-04-16
Astronomy and the Climate Crisis
Cooke A., 2012
479 2015-04-16
Advances in Location-Based Services. 8th International Symposium on Location-Based Services, Vienna 2011
Georg Gartner, Felix Ortag, 2012
490 2015-04-16
Aquatic Life Water Quality Criteria for Selected Pesticides
Tjeerdema R.S., 2012
428 2015-04-17