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Advances in Computational Environment Science. Selected papers from 2012 International Conference on Environment Science (ICES 2012), Australia, Melbourne, 15‐16 January, 2012
Lee G., 2012
457 2015-04-17
Advances in Geophysics Volume 56


383 2015-04-17
Advances in Spatial Data Handling and GIS 14th International Symposium on Spatial Data Handling
466 2015-04-17
Active tectonics of the Hellenic subduction zone
Shaw B., 2012
538 2015-04-17
Arsenic & Rice
Andrew A. Meharg, Fang-Jie Zhao, 2012
422 2015-04-17
Adaptation and Evolution in Marine Environments, Volume 1. The Impacts of Global Change on Biodiversity
Guido di Prisco, Cinzia Verde, 2012
500 2015-04-21
Anoxia. Evidence for Eukaryote Survival and Paleontological Strategies
Alexander V. Altenbach, Joan M. Bernhard, Joseph Seckbach, 2012
410 2015-04-21
Applied Mineralogy. Applications in Industry and Environment
Mukherjee S., 2012
423 2015-04-21
Atlas of Antarctica. Topographic Maps from Geostatistical Analysis of Satellite Radar Altimeter Data
Herzfeld U.C., 2004
393 2015-05-04
Advances in Geophysics Volume 55


445 2015-05-04
Assessment of Paleo-Landscape Features using Advanced Remote Sensing Techniques, Modelling and GIS Methods in the Lake Manyara Basin, Northern Tanzania 
Bachofer Felix, 2016
264 2016-09-14
Application of virtual anthropology methods to fossil human dental remains 
Bauer C.C., 2015
240 2016-09-14
Advances in Hydrogen Production, Storage and Distribution
334 2016-09-15
Applications of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System techniques for desertification and land degradation monitoring and assessment in the Tillabéry landscape (Niger)
Mansour M., 2013
313 2016-09-15
Application of GIS and remote sensing for water resource management in Arid area – Wadi Dahab Basin – South Eastern Sinai-Egypt (Case-study)
Omran A., 2013
249 2016-09-15
Accreted Paleoproterozoic eolian beds and dolerite sills in the Miocene Siwalik belt, central Nepal, and their origin 
Sakai, H.; Takigami, Y.; Orihashi, Y.; Terada, K. , 2013
355 2016-09-15
Assessment of groundwater availability in the Northern Atlantic Coastal Plain aquifer system From Long Island, New York, to North Carolina


274 2016-10-06
Advances in Materials Science for Environmental and Energy Technologies IV: Ceramic Transactions, Volume 253

Josef Matyáš, Tatsuki Ohji, Gary Pickrell, Winnie Wong-Ng, Raghunath Kanakala, 2015

285 2016-10-10
Advanced Power Generation Systems


490 2016-10-10
Advances in Thermal Energy Storage Systems. Methods and Applications

L. F. Cabeza, 2015

430 2016-10-10
Assessment of Vulnerability to Natural Hazards. A European Perspective


336 2016-10-10
Atlas of Structural Geology


297 2016-10-10
A data viewer for stream-sediment and surface-water chemistry, geology, and geography of the Humboldt River basin, northern Nevada. Chapter F.
Douglas B. Yager, Helen W. Folger, and Lisa L. Stillings, 2006
393 2016-10-19
Assessment of metallic mineral resources in the Humboldt River Basin, Northern Nevada, with a section on Platinum-Group-Element (PGE) Potential of the Humboldt Mafic Complex
Alan R. Wallace, 2004
4392 2016-10-19
Assessment of the undiscovered oil and gas of the Senegal province, Mauritania, Senegal, the Gambia, and Guinea-Bissau, northwest Africa
Michael E. Brownfield,Ronald R. Charpentier, 2003
318 2016-10-20
Antarctic Map. USGS
299 2016-10-20
A New Archaic Basking Shark (Lamniformes: Cetorhinidae)from the Late Eocene of Western Oregon, U.S.A., and Description of the Dentition, Gill Rakers and Vertebrae of the Recent Basking Shark Cetorhinus maximus (Gunnerus)

Bruce J. Welton, 2013

370 2016-10-24
America's Antiquities: 100 Years of Managing Fossils on Federal Lands

Spencer G. Lucas, Justin A. Spielmann, Patricia M. Hester, Jason P. Kenworthy, Vincent L. Santucci, 2006

246 2016-10-24
A New Skull of Parasaurolophus (Dinosauria: Hadrosauridae) from the Kirtland Formation of New Mexico and a Revision of the Genus

Robert M. Sullivan, Thomas E. Williamson, 1999

345 2016-10-24
A reanalysis of Acrocanthosaurus atokensis, its phylogenetic status, and paleobiogeographic implications, based on a new specimen from Texas

Jerald David Harris, 1998

362 2016-10-24